Many people who see my work are curious about my methods.  Here are some images of the shakudo pin in progress.  These represent general steps required for my work in this style.

Shakudo pin in progress, sketchbook designs

First, I work out design concepts in my sketchbook.



After forging and rolling the shakudo ingot, I transfer the design and saw the outline shape.

Shakudo pin in progress as cut blank

The cut blank and remaining ingot, with my saw.


Shakudo pin in progress as mounted blank

The main outline is blanked out. The blanked-out piece is waxed to block, in preparation for engraving, sculpting and chasing.

Shakudo pin in progress, chasing details.

Chasing details at my jewelry workbench.

Sculpted 18k gold and shakudo pin with tanzanite setting. 2012.

Completed 18k gold and shakudo tanzanite pin.